You Are Who You Are Until You Aren't

Photo by Billeasy on Unsplash

What does that mean? We are who we are and that's it, right? Well actually, that's not what I think. My favorite quote is that change is the only constant in our lives. The only pattern we can rely on.

There is a lot of theories that claim people don't change. That we stay the same. I mean, call it whatever you like, but the truth is, things just change.

We are formed by our background, our experience, our perception of life, and of human emotions. Nobody is the same. Thus nobody can experience the same thing equally. There is love and there is pain. Joy and grief. Light and dark. And truth be told, nothing is identical during the day as it is at night.

So it's doesn't have to be us who change. But our opinions do.

I feel that we often try to fight it. That we want to stick with one view so others don't see us as someone who continually changes their mind. But you know what? It's freaking liberating. Just accepting the fact that we are human beings, we do have flaws and surprise there, we do change.

So stop being so hard on yourself. You didn't know back then what you know now. It might come out as a cliché but I believe we really do our best in the situation we find ourselves in. And it couldn't have happened otherwise because you wouldn't gain the experience that you should have. That experience that now makes you feel like you know better.

I bet it happened to you too. Something made you very anxious, maybe even angry. It takes a few hours, days, or months and you find yourself laughing at the very moment, knocking yourself on a forehead. Our perception is constantly changing and that means that we don't get stuck. That we can grow, we can learn something new from every situation, every person we meet.

Even though you probably already knew this, as there is an ocean of lovely written articles, books, and other art pieces made on this subject, the world is happening in our heads. And we are the sailors. The rudder is in your hands.

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